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Gemstones are minerals that have a rarity or aesthetic value.

Name Colour
Agate Opaque to pale grey
Alexandrite Green
Amethyst Purple
Aquamarine Pale limpid blue
Bloodstone Dark green & red spots
Cairngorm Smokey yellow/brown
Cats Eye Yellow/brown, green
Chrysoprase Apple green
Cornelian Red to yellow brown
Diamond Bluish white, red
Emerald Vivid green
Garnet Purplish red
Jade Dark to leek green
Jasper Red to yellow, opaque
Lapis Lazuli Deep azure blue
Moonstone Blue/white iridescent
Obsidian Green or yellow brown
Onyx Banded agate
Opal Rainbow sheen on white
Peridot Green
Rock Crystal Colourless
Rose Quartz Granular pale pink
Ruby Red
Sapphire Dark blue
Sardonyx Banded agate
Spinel Red
Topaz Tea coloured
Tourmaline Deep green, red
Turquoise Sky blue
Zircon Colourless

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